Safety Classes

Who needs an ORV Safety Certificate???

Riders 16 years old and younger riding on public or private land in Michigan must

  1. Take an approved ORV education course,
  2. Carry an ORV safety certificate and
  3. Have direct visual supervision by an adult at all times.

The ORV safety certificate is proof that the individual has successfully completed all of the components of an approved ORV safety course. All other license and permits are required

Who Needs to Take a Snowmobile Safety Course???

  • A person who is at least 12 but less than 17 years of age operating a snowmobile without direct supervision of a person 21 years of age or older must have in their immediate possession a valid snowmobile safety certificate.
  • A person who is at least 12 but less than 17 years of age may not cross a highway or street without having a valid snowmobile safety certificate in their immediate possession.
  • Snowmobile safety training is recommended for all snowmobile operators. Modern snowmobiles are capable of high rates of speeds over snow and ice. With the countless hazards associated with operating a snowmobile, training is a crucial factor in safe and responsible snowmobile operation.
  • Michigan Conservation Officers, in cooperation with schools, organizations and associations, take an active role in assuring that all of Michigan’s citizens are given the opportunity to take a snowmobile safety course. The course emphasizes safe and responsible snowmobile operation.

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Michigan Snowmobile Regulations:

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Michigan DNR endorsed online course

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