MISORVA Board Members


President ~ Jim Kelts ~ jlkelts@yahoo.com      

Vice President ~ Dave Campo ~ davemsa18@gmail.com

Secretary  ~ Karyn Hautamaki  ~  snowygirl1@live.com

Treasurer ~ Mark Pankner ~ mpankner340@gmail.com

Amended MISORVA Bylaws – 10-19-19

Current BOD list, these members have stepped forward to move this Association forward.  There are still positions available should you want to join the BOD.  You can find the Bylaws below to see how you can fill the space available in your area. 

District 1                                           Meeting Dates:  7.13.2019 9.14.2019 12.7.2019
SNOW Ernie Reimann erniereimann@gmail.com Excused Absent
SNOW Mac McCaughn macmccaughn@gmail.com Excused Absent
ORV Available
ORV Available
DUAL Joe Chavis upchavis@hotmail.com Present Present
DUAL Dave Karls lindakarls@yahoo.com Present Present
INDV Mark Saigh mark@saighinsurance.com Present Present
INDV PJ McCaughn pj@ncsc-up.com Excused Absent
COMM Available
District 2
SNOW Don Britton brittonjd@charter.net Present Present
SNOW Will Webber willi2877@yahoo.com Present Excused
ORV Jack Lynch jacksterterminator@gmail.com Present Absent
ORV Tony Harry tony1785@yahoo.com Absent Absent
DUAL Keith Churill chur1171@charter.net Present Present
DUAL Karyn Hautamaki snowygirl1@live.com Present Present
INDV Rob La Londe rlalonde@charter.net Excused Present
INDV Jim Duke jimduke@jamadots.com Present Present
COMM Keith Lynch upsesky@yahoo.com Present Absent
District 3
SNOW Available
SNOW Buzz Medelis CHUCKM16@HOTMAIL.COM   Present Present
ORV Grant  Dewitt grantinhulbert@yahoo.com Present Present
ORV Dave Smithers 19dsmither62@gmail.com Present Absent
DUAL Stu Volkers sleds2@centurytel.net   Present Present
DUAL John Griffin johngriffinrealestate@yahoo.com Absent Present
INDV Cindy Hammers pchammers@alphacomm.net Absent Excused
INDV Dan Moore audan1946@gmail.com  Present Excused
COMM Larry Johnson yooper74@live.com Present Excused
District 4
SNOW Ken McCrum kmccrum@charter.net Present Present
SNOW John Houk rjh42@hotmail.com Present Present
ORV Archie Cole brickheadcole3@outlook.com Absent Present
ORV Ron Schroeder sleddog654@gmail.com Absent Present
DUAL Jeff Biggs jeffsbiggs@hotmail.com Present Excused
DUAL Andrea Eder andrea_eder@frontier.com Present Present
INDV Colleen Campo cmcampo@sbcglobal.net Present Excused
INDV Alan Kava amkava@aol.com Excused Present
District 5
SNOW Lizz Holzwarth iluv2ridesleds@gmail.com Present Excused
SNOW Available
ORV Jeremy Valley jvalley@mac.com Present Present
ORV Ray Wlosinksi gcfirecap1@yahoo.com Absent Present
DUAL Dan White drdirt800@msn.com Present Present
DUAL Roger Kilbury rssnowstorm@charter.net Present Present
INDV Bruce Reetz ocboc2@ocmi.us Present
INDV John Padget padgets@yahoo.com Present Present
COMM Gary Blazer charele@aol.com Present Present
District 6
SNOW ChuckPope
SNOW Terri Norey tnorey@gmail.com Present Present
ORV Terry Martin terrymtc@gmail.com Present Excused
ORV Available
DUAL Howard Campbell hwcampbell2@gmail.com Present Present
DUAL Available
INDV Michael Marz michael@marzcollision.com Present Present
INDV Bob Meyers bmeyers@rctemail.com Present Present
COMM Rick Norey rnorey@gmail.com Present Present
District 7
SNOW John Newman newman029@gmail.com Present Present
SNOW Wayne R McCarty smokiepuppy33@gmail.com Present Present
ORV Available
ORV Available
DUAL Cheryl Ziola carlcheryl@hotmail.com Present Present
DUAL Available
INDV Stephanie Hubbarth-Bergen shb16@sbcglobal.net Present Present
INDV Brian E Hicks bdhicks@tds.net Present Present
COMM Available
District 8
SNOW Rich Rottier richrottier@yahoo.com Present Present
SNOW Ron Corbett corbettrd@gmail.com Present Present
ORV Available
ORV Available
DUAL Dave Nuechterlien stoc895@gmail.com Present Present
DUAL Available
INDV Aaron Cook cookaa84@gmail.com Present Excused
INDV Steve Veltman veltmanhardware@aol.com Present Present
COMM Ed Richter ed@lakesidemotorsports.net Present Absent
District 9
SNOW David Low ddlow@att.net  Present Present
SNOW Lee Palmer palmlee@yahoo.com Present Excused
ORV Available
ORV Available
DUAL Available
DUAL Available
INDV Jeff Mariucci jeffmariucci@gmail.com Present Present
INDV Mark Evans president1697@gmail.com Present Present
COMM Charlie Forrest cfour600@yahoo.com Present Excused