Update from The MISORVA President

Welcome Spring?

As the 2020 snow season has ended, I would wish to thank all 68 Grant Sponsor Volunteers who have year after year have given of themselves to make the State of Michigan the snowmobile mica that it is. Our State has some of the premier trails in the country. It has been stated numerous times… Read more »

As I talk to many Clubs and/or Grant Sponsors around our State the same conversation can be heard. “All of our volunteers are dwindling away because they are getting older” We all get older every day. Why do we not have younger enthusiasts stepping forward to help? There are always many reasons why we are… Read more »

Thoughts from our President…

Welcome to January 2019!!!! I’m not going to talk about snow for fear I’ll jinx this winter. As I have done the last couple of years. Anyway, my trailer is loaded and ready to go when I feel the need. Which can be often! On to Another Subject As I start my term as MSA… Read more »

Let’s Keep Our Fingers Crossed

    December Dear friends and MSA faithful members, I can’t believe it’s been two years already since I was elected to be your MSA president! It’s with bitter sweet emotions that this is my last column as president. It’s been a humbling and gratifying experience. I have met so many new friends along this… Read more »

End of Chapter I

November- It was not too many years ago, while I was reading my newest issue of the Michigan Snowmobile News, that I noticed something peculiar. Several issues contained photographs of many of the same people at different events. These were not photo shopped photographs, or pulled from a library of photos on file, but rather… Read more »

Reflecting on our Diversity

    October 2018- Greetings MSA friends! Autumn has finally arrived and changes are in the air. Fall is a busy time of year for most of us, as we transition into yet another season of endless outdoor possibilities. My wife and I recently spent a week with our son in Valdez, Ak. Our son… Read more »

The Final Countdown

September 2018 -The other day I saw a post on Facebook that had a beautiful scene of a snowmobiler plowing through powder. Beside the photo was a countdown calendar of the days until the trails legally open in Michigan. It was amazing to me to see the different responses to that post. Of course there… Read more »

Making Memories

MARCH 2018 Dear MSA members, As I sit down and write this last column for the 2017-18 season, I am once again amazed at how fast the seasons go by! We have had another wacky winter this snowmobile season, and hopefully all of you have had a great time making memories together. I think that… Read more »

New Year –New Challenges

January/February 2018 Greetings MSA friends and Happy New Year! About this time of year, I always try to look back on the previous year and mentally inventory all of my accomplishments. I also analyze the many more of my unfulfilled challenges, that I again bring into this New Year. As we all said goodbye to… Read more »

Season’s Greetings from your MSA President & Officers!

December 2017 The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are always special times for most of us. It’s a time when we can all hopefully take a moment and reflect on our blessings and share our time and treasures with loved ones. It’s a time for many of us to reflect and renew our spiritual priorities and… Read more »

Good Morning Class–Today’s Word of the Day Is “GENEROSITY”

November 2017\ Many of us are just getting back from MSA’s Annual Convention. This year it was held at Shanty Creek Resort in beautiful Bellaire. Shanty Creek has four golf courses and of course is also known for downhill skiing. The view from the lodge overlooking Lake Bellaire and the fall foliage was spectacular —… Read more »

Thinking Outside of OUR Box

October 2017 Have you ever done something repeatedly for so long now that you’ve never stopped to consider that there might be a better way to accomplish the same task? A new fresh approach and outlook may result in a faster, more efficient, cheaper, and less demanding way of accomplishing the same thing. You might… Read more »