Safety Class Schedule

Individual behavior and responsibility is the key to making ORV’s and  snowmobiling safe.    It is always a good time to remind riders to take charge of their own safety while riding. Recreational riding is a fun, family-oriented recreation enjoyed daily by thousands of people in our beautiful state!

Recreationalists need to be prepared while planning their trip. Never ride alone – and always leave a plan with family or friends before you leave. It is important to be sure the vehicles are in top running condition before you head out.

Know  Before You Go!   No ice travel is ever completely safe.   Be sure to check the ice conditions before you go.

Slow Down at Night! Night riding requires extra precautions. It is important to ride at slower speeds and use caution to not override the vehicle’s  headlights.

Recreational Riding and Alcohol Don’t Mix! Have fun on your run – but don’t drink until you’re done riding for the day.

Stay to the Right! When riding on trails, always anticipate oncoming traffic and stay to the right.

Be Aware of Avalanche Conditions! One at a time on the slopes! Knowledge is Powder is a short avalanche safety video that can be found here:

Ride Safe So You Can Ride Again!  


Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 8 AM – 4 PM  at the East Jordan Sno-Mobilers Clubhouse.  Hosted by SOUTH ARM ORV CLUB To register please contact Alan Kava at (231) 497-9260 or Archie Cole at (231) 631-8865 or you may email us at


Please keep checking back for current class schedule.   

 Safety First, Safety Always!
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