Allegan Couty Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: March 07th, 2019
  • Base Snowfall: 4"
  • Reported On: December 10th, 2019 @ 5:33pm

Groomer Report



We will be out grooming tonight so watch for the groomers. Please respect our landowners and stay on the trail or we will be on more roads. We already  ride more the we would like too. Also don’t forget SNOWFEST this weekend on February 2nd. We are doing breakfast lunch and a fun run. So stop in.


The report form the groomer drivers is that the trail flat as of this morning. Stay right and safe it’s cold out there.


Please watch for our groomers as they will be heading out at 3 this afternoon February 1st. They will be grooming the whole trail system. Please respect our landowners and stay between the signs. Stay on the trail. We are have snow fest tomorrow February 2nd stop in. Also please stay off the trail Sunday and monday in the warm temperatures this will help us save the base we have for next week as temperatures fall back below freezing. Thanks again


With the warm weather we are closing the trail. Please stay off the trail. We don’t need to lose any landowners. Thanks. Think snow.


Ok the trail is open but in poor shape. With the last meltdown there will be a lot of standing water in the fields and though out the woods. I will be checking out the fields later this afternoon to see if we can send a groomer out. Please stay on the trail.


Sorry to tell you today’s meltdown is going to close our Trail. Please stay off the trail and out of the respect for our landowners without them we wouldn’t have it Trail. Head north lots of snow in Baldwin in North.


The trail is open. It’s poor at best. Please watch out for down trees on the trail. We just have enough to ride. This next couple of days my be the last time to ride down here. It’s going to rain on Saturday and Sunday. Be safe and stay on the trail please.


Sorry the trail is CLOSED

Dec. 10 2019

Sorry trail still closed


Trail # 593, 591 and 599 North loop (hopkins)- CLOSED 

Trail # 592 West loop-  CLOSED

Trail # 594 Fennville- CLOSED

Trail # 59 Allegan connector – CLOSED

Trail # 59 South connector- CLOSED


Have fun and be safe

You can stage at….

1697 36th St

Allegan, MI 49010

Please fill the rear parking lot first. Thank you

Breakfast ever Sunday January and February form 8am until noon all you can eat for $10 abults and kids under 10 for $4.

Thanks for all your support

Allegan county snowmobile club

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