Alpena Snowmobile Association Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Fair
  • Last Groomed: February 22nd, 2021
  • Base Snowfall: 3"
  • Reported On: February 23rd, 2021 @ 6:18am

Groomer Report


Special Note: The above signs have been placed a various location on trails. Beginning Monday Feb. 8th the city trail between trails 4 and 992 will be closed. A major bridge is being replaced so there will be no access except by using trail 464. Both trails are open for services in alpena but not for going between.

😀 2/23 Trails 464 and 992 were groomed yesterday after the big snowfall of 1″!  Both were pretty good before the sun came out and temps went to 40 degrees. Still have thin/bare area by Posen. With lack of new snow and now warm temps grooming again has stopped. Trail 4 to alpena from Herron road is good as is Norway Ridge while everything else is fair to poor. Forecast is not good with a little snow but 40 degree temps.

A special note that logging has begun on trail 461 between Werth and spruce Roads. So once we get snow be very careful in this trail section.

  If you ride a helping hand would be appreciated like throwing branches off trail, move a down tree, etc. We are all volunteers so it is important we all help if you want trails to ride.

We have had a lot of logging along our trails this summer and fall but not sure about this winter. We have several areas marked for cutting and will update as winter moves ahead. Note that roads are in poor condition.

Below is our report by trails we cover:

Trail 992 to Posen:  Good with a few bare/thin sections 

Trail 4 from Herron Road  to Alpena: good

Trail 4 from Herron Rd. to Hillman: fair at best

Trail 464 between trails 4 & 992: Good but again roads are fair at best

Devils Lake: Fair to poor

Indian Reserve Trail: fair to poor

Norway Ridge Trail: good

Our club is a 100% volunteer club including all our groomer operators. They spend their time and money keeping our trails in excellent condition for sledders to enjoy, so if you see us on the trail a thank you would be appreciated.

Please ride safe and always stay on the trail!!!!

We are always going for new members so if you want to join a great group or people in a year around active club; visit our web site at

Also please join us on Facebook at Alpena Snowdrifters for the last club news and trail conditions.

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