Drummond Island Grooming Association Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Last Groomed: January 25th, 2023
  • Reported On: February 03rd, 2023 @ 4:44pm

Groomer Report


Groomer Report Feb 3, 2023
We are finally able to upgrade our trail report conditions to fair/ Good instead of Poor! Still don’t go on that north eastern loop between the Maxton Plains and Glenn Cove though. That area still has little to no snow and a logging operation going on. There are a few spotty area that are thin but over all we have made a vast improvement. Can you say snow dance!!!
I have included a map marking the worst areas stay away from with black slashes on our FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/DrummondIslandSnowReport   . I did not mark the Canoe Bay Area.



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