Grand Traverse Snowmobile Council Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Last Groomed: February 28th, 2020
  • Base Snowfall: 8"
  • Reported On: February 28th, 2020 @ 5:57pm

Groomer Report

I just rode a loop of our trail system. The 5-8 inches of snow we received really helped. Keep in mind that the base consists of hard pack and ice so there are some icy corners but overall the trail were in pretty decent shape considering. The North trail was decent and the trail from the Kalkaska warming hut South toward Fife Lake was really nice with lots of fresh snow. The Jack Pine Rd trail was also in nice shape.
The best news of all is a just received a text from our groomer coordinator that ALL of our trail system will be completed groomed tonight. This could be the last couple of days to go riding before a warm front hits Sunday. Get out with the family or friends this weekend! Stop by Ranch Rudolph and sit by their killer fire place and have a hot chocolate or lunch. They are a huge supporter of our club and trail system so please help support them!








Well we had a major warm up at the beginning of the week that put a hurt on the trails. The warm up melted the snow down to a hard base. The good news is we still have a base. Last night we received about 2 inches of light snow. We ran the groomer last night on our North trail and the driver reported the trail to be in poor to good. We will continue to groom as long as the weather allows. The trail that parallels Brown Bridge road down by Ranch Rudolph was mostly dirt. The further South you go the thinner the snow gets. Can you ride-yes. Is it great-no. I will do another report on Saturday morning if things improve. As of right now I will report that the North trials are good and the South trails are poor








The club would like to say thank you to all the people that came out to our fun run yesterday. This was by far the largest turnout that we have ever seen. We almost doubled the attendance of ANY of our previous events. We had almost 100 registered riders. Even with the warm up in temps the trails were fantastic. It was really cool to see 40 or so sleds sitting around the bonfire where one of our favorite restaurants ( Peegeo’s) provided free hot chocolate for everyone.
After the ride we headed over to Peegeo’s for hot dogs and chili and a awesome raffle. I saw 4-5 helmets get given away as well as gloves,googles, gift certificates.
If you missed the ride don’t worry we are going to do it again next year! We are hoping to get bigger and better ever year so remember next February to watch for our fun run.
I can’t end this post without saying a HUGE thank you to Bill and Beth Gay for all their hard work and effort. They are the main reason this ride was so successful. Way to hit it out of the park guys.😘






I’m going to leave a couple of the older posts up so people can look at them to see where the trails condition were before the latest post.

Latest post 02/20/2020

We have the groomers running a full schedule and the trails are in great shape. I groomed the east trail yesterday and spent some time smoothing the trail from the bridge North to Kalkaska. Pat groomed the North trail. Right now we are seeing some of the best conditions of the year. GET OUT AND RIDE




The groomers were out late last night hard at work on our trail system. Work was done on one of the last water holes. The water hole was back filled and smoothed. Thanks to groomer driver Jeremy for the extra effort. Should be a great weekend for a ride as the groomer drivers are all reporting good to excellent conditions. Get out and enjoy our beautiful trail system.




I rode almost our entire trail system yesterday with a friend and I want to say that it is in the best condition that I have seen it in all year. The groomers have done an outstanding job with the amount of snow we have. Yes there are a couple of spots that could use a little more snow but overall the trails were hard packed with a few inches of fresh snow on top. The groomers worked at making the hard pack base nice and smooth and it has payed off. If you can get out for a midweek ride I highly suggest it. Great riding and almost no one out there.

If you have never ridden the traverse city snowmobile trail system I urge you to give it a try.  A very convenient starting point is the Kalkaska warming hut or you can access our trail system from a number of other trail heads. Plenty of parking and yes there  are restaurants and gas stations accessible from our trail system.  We stock free trail maps at most of our marked intersections. So if you don’t know exactly where you are going you will find trail maps on the trail system. Come on out and give us a try.





Have you ever wondered what it I see like to drive a big bull dozer? Come on you know you have. You have sat there in your car and watched the big machines working thinking – man that looks fun! Well we can’t help get you in a bull dozer but we have the next best thing! Be a groomer driver! It’s fun,it’s exciting and you could do it! Scared to start? How about this. During our fun run on the 22nd of February one of the stops will be by our groomer barn. Come check out the groomer. Sit in it. Push the buttons. Talk to a groomer driver and see what it is all about. Don’t be shy. Help out your local trails and have fun helping out your fellow snowmobiles

Check out our Facebook page for updates but the fun run is coming February 22, 2020.





Remember, all of our groomer drivers are volunteers, and most of them are snowmobilers giving up some riding time to groom so that you have groomed trails to ride on, so if you get a chance tell them thank you or a thumbs up, it means alot to them to know they are appreciated. Make sure to pick up one of our trail maps, we have some out on the trails in mailboxes at some map board locations and at our map sponsors. Support our sponsors and when you visit one of them tell them thank you for supporting GTASC

Ride safe and ride sober!! Remember to watch for groomers you never know when one will be coming around a corner or over a hill. Also remember that the signs on the snowmobile trails are there for the safety of snowmobilers, so please don’t remove them.

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