Grand Traverse Snowmobile Council Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: See Report Below
  • Last Groomed: February 22nd, 2021
  • Base Snowfall: 4"
  • Reported On: February 25th, 2021 @ 9:25am

Groomer Report

Trail update 02/25/2021
This is the trail update nobody wants to read. Temps in the 40’s with sunshine does not make for good snowmobile trails. When I groomed on Monday the conditions were pretty darn good and I saw quite a few riders out enjoying one of the last days before the warm up. We have had a few days of above freezing temps and this has melted all the snow on the roads and put a hurting on our base. Lots of dirt showing in areas and I’m sure the swamp area going South out of Kalkaska is a muddy mess. There doesn’t seem to be any real snow in the forecast and temps are not cooperating either. We have halted grooming until we see a change in the weather.
What a weird snowmobile season. I saw on the news the other night that Gaylord was at 2/3 of their normal snow totals for this time of year. Let’s hope for a snow storm later in the month. Might be a good time to give that snowmobile of yours a little love and get it ready to hit the trails when we do get snow. Last time I groomed I saw a few boogie wheels on the trail. Check those hyfax and boogie wheels as the low snow conditions of this year haven’t been friendly to your track and suspension. A little time spent in the garage will save you a lot of time on the trail.
I hope that this is not the last report of the year but until conditions improve I will be off the trails until dirt bike season.
Trail report 2/18/2021
The bright sunshine Yesterday dried out the roads but did not have much effect on the trails since the temps stayed in the low 20’s. The snow is looking dirty due to all the grooming we have been doing but overall the trails are in good- great condition. I rode out of my house and picked up the trail at Broomhead road. I rode down thru Ranch Rudolph and down to the bridge at the South end of the trail. The snow gets a little thinner down there but trails were still decent. I wanted to see how rough the trail got by the bridge since I groomed it on Monday. This section of trail that comes off the bridge seems to always be rough. After grooming it I know why. To groom it properly you have to turn the groomer around and back it into the trail and all the way down to the bridge. It adds a lot of time to your groom so it doesn’t always get done. When I groom down there I will make it a priority to spend some time by the bridge and smooth it out. I will also try and do a better job restocking the free maps at all the major trail intersections. Did you know that there were free maps at the Supply road trail head? The box is on the backside of the big wooden sign. If you have never ridden our trail system this might be the perfect weekend to give it a try. Trails are in the best shape of the season so far. Are you from down state or from another state. Stay at Ranch Rudolph for the weekend and you will be right in the middle of some great trails and you can ride right out of your room. Park the trailer and ride all weekend from your room!
I also noticed that Blue Sky rentals was renting snowmobiles out of Peegeos parking lot. Don’t have a sled but want to ride? Give them a call.
Hope everyone gets out this weekend and enjoys our trail system. With the extra traffic expected this week I hope everyone remembers to stay on the right side of the trail. STAY SAFE!!
Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club has been around since the spring of 1982, making sure that the area trails have been signed and groomed to perfection. We were one of the 1st clubs to use wheeled tractors to maintain snowmobile trails. Snowmobile Club in Grand Traverse County responsible for the marked groomed trails in the area.  Join the club! 


Both of our groomers were out last night and when the drivers returned to the groomer barn they reported the best trail conditions of the year! We received lake effect snow that varied widely depending on where you are. Some areas got very little while some areas received 5”. More snow in the forecast so drag that old beast out of the garage and go enjoy some Northern Michigan fun! Please remember that this will be a busy weekend on the trails and STAY TO THE RIGHT.


Groomers are running a full schedule throughout this weekend. We have received several inches of fresh snow and groomer drivers are reporting good to very good conditions with very little dirt showing on the trails. As usual the north trails have the majority of the snow while the snow does thin out the further south you go. The weather forecast shows that we will be receiving a couple of inches of snow per day through Saturday. If this happens this should be a great weekend to go riding. Keep in mind current cold temperatures will keep the highs in the teens so dress warm. Restaurants are open so go for a ride to Ranch Rudolph or Peegeo’s for lunch or dinner. The trails lead right to them and they are both big supporters of our snowmobile club. ENJOY!


All the weather forecasts show us receiving 6 to 12 inches of snow tonight. Our trails desperately need the snow as there is a lot of dirt showing in sections. Our groomers are currently on hold waiting for the snow. Currently trails are in poor condition but the snow could change everything.  I will try to do a trail report after the snow falls. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.


We received another four or five inches of fresh powder yesterday. I have not been out on the trails yet although I am going out for a ride today. I believe with the snow that we received yesterday that the trails should be shaping up nicely. This latest snow should take care of most the dirt showing in some of the corners.We are still running our groomers as often as we can to smooth out the chatter bumps and pack everything down. I would say that this coming weekend will bring the best riding that we have seen this year. Come to Traverse City and try our trails this weekend! I will be going out today to restock all the boxes with FREE trail maps. Come up and ride!


We are are still running a full groomer schedule and the trails are holding up nicely. No fresh snow but temps are holding below freezing so we shouldn’t lose any snow. I would currently rate the trails good to very good. Great time for a midweek ride!


The Grand Traverse area received approximately 5 inches of fresh powder a couple of days ago. This on top of the melted down and then refrozen base does make trail riding possible. I am still going to report that the trails are currently in poor condition with a lot of dirt coming up in the corners. If you’re downstate and itching to ride it can be done this weekend but let’s hope we get a few more inches of snow over the next few days or we will be dealing with deteriorating trail conditions.  The good news is the weatherman says there is some Lake effect snow in our future. If this weather forecast holds true and we receive snow we will be running a full groomer schedule.  Stay safe everyone!

01/19/20201  We finally received some snow last night. While it is only four or 5 inches it will go along way into packing down into our base. Currently I will tell you that the trails are in very poor condition but hopefully snow over the next few days will take care of that. I will update this trail report this Thursday so please keep an eye on this page.

12/15/2020~  TRAVERSE CITY AREA UPDATE via Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club – Yesterday was my first time in the groomer this year. We have a lot of downed trees and limbs due to the heavy wet snow we received. Please use extra caution if riding this /week as we are running a full groomer schedule in an effort to clear the trails as quickly as we can. We need to get about another 6 inches of snow before the trails will be decent. There is a tremendous amount of ice out there right now. During my groom I saw about 10 snowmobilers out riding. I also saw where a lot of them were spinning their tracks down to dirt. We do currently have a very good base so if we get some snow the trail should firm up quickly. I will do an update as soon as conditions improve…

Remember, all of our groomer drivers are volunteers, and most of them are snowmobilers giving up some riding time to groom so that you have groomed trails to ride on, so if you get a chance tell them thank you or a thumbs up, it means alot to them to know they are appreciated. Make sure to pick up one of our trail maps, we have some out on the trails in mailboxes at some map board locations and at our map sponsors. Support our sponsors and when you visit one of them tell them thank you for supporting GTASC

Ride safe and ride sober!! Remember to watch for groomers you never know when one will be coming around a corner or over a hill. Also remember that the signs on the snowmobile trails are there for the safety of snowmobilers, so please don’t remove them.


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