Gogebic Range Trail Authority – Snowmobile & ORV Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: See Report Below
  • Last Groomed: March 12th, 2019
  • Base Snowfall: 36+"
  • Reported On: March 18th, 2019 @ 9:04am

Groomer Report

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Overall Story:

Monday 3/18 8:00am CST:   We groomed continuously over the weekend seeing many riders out enjoying what was likely the “last best ” weekend of riding.  The road route sections will become brutal as the snow recedes.  However, there is tons of snow in the woods providing a lot of riding season left.  Our entire trail system was groomed over the weekend, some of it twice.  Friday we did receive 8-12″ of Lake Effect snow, but with high 30’s it settled in quickly.  LOTS OF RIDING REMAINS, there are just a few trouble spots.  See below trail notes, but  Trail 2 between Wakefield and US HWY 2 will have a 2 mile portion plowed up for logging.  These guys have a job to do so please stay out of their way and if you meet on the trail yield to them!

WARNINGS AND NOTICES:   RECENT RAINS:  You may encounter ponding on trails and water flowing across or down trails.  We have not had any reports of that yet, but riders are just starting to venture out.  STAY OFF LAKES, there is 12-18″ of slush sticking riders on Lake Gogebic and Sunday Lake in Wakefield.  PLEASE STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS, we have heard of log truck versus snowmobile accidents last Friday that cannot happen!!  Pipelines and power lines are NOT public land!    Please remember to ride RIGHT, ride TOGETHER, ride SOBER and only off-trail ride where you 100% know it is legal KNOW before you GO.  Please keep speeds and noise low through towns.  This is our 3rd year operating 100% all volunteer grooming staff and with your membership we can continue to do so.  Buy online via link above, click pay with paypal and then you can click to process as a guest with your credit or debit card.  Thank you!!!

BASE SNOW FALL:  This is current ground snow depth.

NWS Marquette, MI Next 24 Hours Snow Forecast:  click here

John Dee Snow Central Forecast:  click here


Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay US-2 Crossing:

Overall rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 3/16/19.    Please do not ride on side walks near Holiday and try to keep noise down in town.


Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield:

Overall rating:  POOR TO EXCELLENT

Last groomed 3/18/19.   Prospect road ditch trail has been removed by the county to allow proper water drainage, the 3/4 of a mile of concrete is not for the faint of heart.  We recommend trailering to Wakefield and catching the trail there.  There are water holes near Blackjack Ski Resort.  Be sure to stop and see Gabbro Falls by Blackjack ski hill, it is extremely impressive!  THERE IS A NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN riders need to follow to cross highway 2, see the below map.  Please travel slowly through this area and on this section of trail to Wakefield.  It is tight and twisty.


Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco:

Overall Rating: EXCELLENT

Last groomed 3/17/19.  There are water holes around the Wakefield area, a short reroute was made around one but the others are across the whole trail.  Ride extremely cautiously. There is tons of base yet on the trail!!  There is logging on the trail 10 miles east of Wakefield near Great Lakes Road/Dump Road intersections.  Please yield to logging crews!!  This trail is a mix of twisty but wide forest roads (13mi) and 12mi of rail bed to Marenisco. This beautiful trail is 12 miles of unplowed wide logging roads that wind their way through the Gogebic Range Hills before running 10 miles of rail-trail to Marenisco.  PLEASE STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS ON THE RAIL TRAIL!  There is a significant logging presence on FR-8100 with dozens of log trucks hauling out daily.


Trail 8 from Wakefield to Tula Crossing:

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 3/16/19.  Tons of base left.  This trail is one of the most heavily traveled trails on our system, but we do groom it daily.  Fast and wide trail as it is an unplowed county road we use.  It’s a super highway!  Please note Bingo’s is closed and has no gas, travel into Wakefield (1.5mi) and visit our sponsor Holiday for fuel, food and 24-hour trail permits!  This trail will be groomed this evening.


Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River (WI):

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 3/17/19.   There are a few small water holes, but the trail remains in great shape.  PLEASE stay on the trail through the farm fields.   This is our most scenic trail and is a treat to ride!  There are several scenic vistas on the trail such as Bald Mountain “NORTH” lookout viewing Madeline Island/ mouth of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior,  the Bald Mountain “SOUTH” lookout viewing Gogebic Range (Powderhorn, Copper Peak), the Montreal River Gorge look out and finally the amazing Superior Falls Waterfall Complex.  Stay on the trail in the farm fields.  Over 25 landowners are involved to make this trail a reality, please respect them and ride responsibly.


11S (Wakefield, MI to Winchester, WI):

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last Groomed 3/17/19.  The snow remains waist deep, riding will be available for a long time.  This 17 mile long scenic trail has 2 stop signs and is a wilderness tour.  It provides additional access to Lake Gogebic or Ironwood/Hurley depending on your route.   Thank you to the Presque Isle SnoBunnies Snowmobile club whom we groom to in Vilas county.  They have helped communicate conditions of this trail as it is one of the most distant ones from our grooming barn

11N (Wakefield, MI to South boundary Rd/White Pine):  Closed indefinitely.  Seeking local community support with ideas on how to reopen it.  200 yards of private property closed this 25 mile trail.


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