Gogebic Range Trail Authority – Snowmobile & ORV Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Last Groomed: February 19th, 2018
  • Base: 22"
  • Past 24hr: 0"
  • Reported On: February 19th, 2018 @ 11:06am

Groomer Report

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Overall Story: 

02/20/18: We saw heavy traffic all weekend, we are so thankful riders continue to show up en mass to appreciate our trail system and the natural wonders of the far western U.P.  We need more snow, however trails are still rated as good.  Trails are EXTREMELY ICY so please be careful.  The freeze/thaw events have left a thick ice base and the snow has not had a good chance to bond.  Decent temperatures and fresh snow are forecast this next week so we should have even better trails by the weekend.


PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL!  PLEASE DON’T STEAL OUR TRAIL SIGNS.  Hard to believe we have to continue echoing these issues, we are so lucky we have some of the most friendly landowners around.  Please remind yourselves and riders in your group to check road crossings TWICE (at least!) before venturing across roadways.  If traveling on a county road ROW keep speeds slow to avoid any issues.

GRTA President Steve H snapped this picture of Sunday Morning’s Sunrise.  Gorgeous!

Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay US-2 Crossing:

Overall rating:  GOOD

Last groomed 2/18.  West of Ramsay Crossing some of the sun exposed sections are thin leaving them quite icy.  They are not bare, but the snow in those sections we just can’t get to pack back in.  As you depart Ironwood past Walmart heading east the horseshoe-turns around the Transfer Station are getting icy, please ride right & ride cautiously.  Please be courteous and keep noise/speed as low as possible in towns.  We know you come to play but the community lives with the traffic all winter long, so help our cause and be respectful!   The rail-bed trail ENDS on the east side of the Keystone Bridge.  The club grooms the bridge to maintain it for local access.  The “old” trail to Wakefield is closed east of Verona Road and anyone caught riding it will face fines.

New Projects completed Summer 2017:  Iron Belle Trestle Bridge drainage improved & grade reestablished, East Ironwood to Ramsay graded (had 18″ gravel whoops removed), Ramsay access trail has been dozed open and large water hole removed.  The horseshoe around the Gogebic Range Transfer Station has been dozed flat and graded to drain.


Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield:

Overall rating:  FAIR.

Last groomed 2/18.     This trail needs more snow, many corners are swept of snow except the outside berm, it is very icy so please ride cautiously!!  We really need fresh snow to make the descent from Indianhead to Wakefield better.  Please go slowly as the snow is loose on top of the ice base.  We have heard of several near-miss accidents due to riders not riding their side of the trail or blowing through icy corners.  We need everyone to ride safely through there at a reasonable speed to keep everyone safe.  The hill climbs to Indianhead Big Snow Resorts are snow packed and smooth, off season trail work solved icing issues.  Stay on the road routes and please respect the no-snowmobile signage on Prospect road.  Please keep speeds low on the road routes and stay on your side of the trail as this section is tighter than most of our trails.

New Projects completed Summer 2017:  Indianhead Resort’s western climb has been regraded, ditched, widened and hopefully no more icing problems.  The decent down to Wakefield has also been straightened, grade lowered and widened.  We are so excited for this work as it makes the trail safer, more easily groomed by both of our rigs and will greatly increase the ride quality.  $13,000 spent


Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco:

Overall Rating: GOOD

Groomed 2/18 early am.  Please watch for icy corners on the 4-mile unplowed road the connects to the Great Lakes Road High Line.  There is active construction near Great Lakes Road, it is well signed.  Our new friends at Casper Construction worked with the club to sign the trail section they have to travel.  The team at Casper even used a giant toboggan to bring their equipment in so they didn’t damage our trail, how awesome is that?    The rail bed section is in good condition, however it needs more passes to get the bumps out, which is why we are prioritizing that route tonight.

New Projects completed Summer 2017: Beaver abatement work continued down at Heart Lake Rd. and trail 2 intersection, entire rail bed was mowed with our brusher, water hole just west of FR-8170 was ditched to drain (further work needed) so a dip in the trail now exists, but no longer a 2.5′ deep water hole.


Trail 8 from Bingo’s to Tula Crossing:

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 2/18.  Trail has lots of snow on it; the trail is a wide seasonal county road that is not plowed and makes a fun trail to ride.  It does see the most traffic as it is the fastest way to Lake Gogebic / Keweenaw Peninsula so usually by the end of the day it is the first to get bumpy.  We do hit it daily though to keep on top of it.

New Projects completed Summer 2017: Brushed trail back along M28 to get it further away from Highway M28, Moved trail back onto “old M28” seasonal road due to lack of logging out there this winter.



Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River (WI):

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last Groomed 2/18.   As you depart the Montreal River Gorge the snow diminishes (with the elevation decline) but there is plenty of snow to make your way into Wisconsin.  The Driftwood Bar on County Highway A has excellent burgers!!  There are many scenic overlooks on this trail that riders should be on the lookout for!  Bald Mountain / Powers Road Lake Superior Northern Overlook, Bald Mountain Southern viewing overlook, The Montreal River Gorge & Superior Falls are all spectacular.  Be safe in these areas!  This trail is an incredible ride and we are so happy to see riders out on it!   Please remember to stay on the trail in the farm fields!  So much work and money has been put into this trail we cannot risk losing it.  The last half mile from high-line to lake road is plowed for logging, ride cautiously.  After over $200,000 of Michigan snowmobile trail permit funded work, we are so excited to open this trail for 2017-2018.  It has some breath taking views, massive water falls can be seen (Superior Falls) and is truly a treasurer.  There is active logging near the Lake road area, please go slowly and yield to commercial traffic.

New Projects completed Summer 2017: $170,000 Mud Creek Bridge project completed, 5 miles of new trail made for us by the Gogebic County Forestry Department, hundreds and hundreds of hours brushing and signing this trail.  It was closed last weekend and we cannot wait to show you the new trail for this year!  Gorgeous!


11S (Wakefield, MI to Winchester, WI):

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 2/18.   The first 2 miles of the trail as it heads south towards Wisconsin from Trail 2 is plowed due to logging.  Please yield to all commercial truck traffic.  Trail is in great shape and is groomed from the Vilas County Wisconsin Line to Trail 2 completely, regularly.  There are still a few thin areas and areas that need more brushing but the trail is fantastic.  Please enjoy this reopened trail responsibly, thousands of 100% volunteer hours were logged to open this!  Keep speeds slow as you travel the southern half of it, once you cross the bridge within 2 miles there are some rough spots.  They are snow covered, but we need more snow to fill in the uneven trail until we can repair it next summer.

New Projects completed Summer 2017:  Hundreds and hundreds of hours signing/brushing.  $4.000 culvert replacement, $1000 spent eradicating beaver from lakes they made along the trail.

11N (Wakefield, MI to South boundary Rd):  Closed indefinitely.  Seeking local community support with ideas on how to reopen it.


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