North Country Snowmobile Club – Ontonagon Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Excellent
  • Last Groomed: March 05th, 2019
  • Base Snowfall: 36+"
  • Reported On: March 05th, 2019 @ 6:37pm

Groomer Report

All trails have been cleared and groomed and we have the best riding conditions of the season!

We still  have the detour back on Trail 1 on the long straightaway just South of Silver City. We have wide, fast running water and the ice bridge is failing. DO NOT try to ride thru this detour, it is not safe!

Can’t wait to see Y’all!

Ride da 906!



 Trail 1 Porcupine Mountains to Lake of the Clouds

  •   Trail 1 to Lake of the Clouds is in excellent condition

South Boundary Rd. to trail 102 (The Snowmobile Superhighway!)

This trail is in excellent condition.      Trail 102 to Bergland is groomed by Gogebic Area Grooming.


Trail 1 White Pine to The Porkies Ski Hill

  • White Pine to Silver City is in excellent condition.   We have one detour on the long straightaway about a 1/2 mile South of Silver City. There is wide, deep, running water here.  Please take the detour and do not attempt to ride through this! It is well marked and we are grooming the detour.
  • There are a lot of deer crossing the trails in the Silver City area, please ride with caution.
  • Silver City to South Boundary Road is in excellent condition
  • Please be respectful of the people who live along this stretch and stay on the trail and out of their yards.
  • South Boundary Rd to The Porkies Ski Hill is in excellent condition.



Trail 1/12 White Pine to 101

  • This trail is in excellent condition.  Stay on the trail in the low spots. We have built ice bridges to run over, and there is a lot of swamp and running water off the trail.

Trail 12 Ontonagon – Potato Farm Road

This trail is in excellent condition.

Trail 101

This trail is in excellent condition.

Trail 12 – 137 Ontonagon to Rockland

(the railroad grade between Ontonagon and Rockland) is in excellent condition.

Trail 12 Ontonagon – Greenland

This trail is in excellent condition.

 Trail 13 – Trail 101 to Rockland

    • From Trail 101 to 137 is in excellent condition.
    •  The section between the river crossing and Trail 137 is in terrible shape. There is massive ATV damage but we should be able to fix it with this new snow when we can get 2 groomers over there to do the repair.  It’s about a 1/2 mile of trail. We would recommend the alternate route below to and from Trail 137.  It is not being groomed right now.
    • The section between Trail 137 and Rockland is in excellent condition.


    If you are heading West out of Rockland. Take Trail 137 right (north) at the junction just West of town. Turn left onto Victora Road (West) (I believe it is the first stop sign you will come to.) This will take you right back to the trail at the river bridge which runs part of this road.

    If you are heading East to Rockland – stay on Victoria Road after you cross the river.  You will meet Trail 137 about a mile up the road. Turn right on Trail 137 and it will take you right back to 13.


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Watch for the groomers, they take up most of the trail and have the right of way! Pull over for them.



Below are photos from 2014 session.

lake of the clouds

Lake of the Clouds at the end of Trail 1 in the Porcupine Mountains State Park. Just a short walk from the trail, well worth the walk.




Trail #101 1/25/15

Trail #101 1/25/15

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