Paradise Area Night Riders Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Fair
  • Last Groomed: January 19th, 2020
  • Base Snowfall: 6"
  • Reported On: January 20th, 2020 @ 10:33am

Groomer Report

January 20, 2020

25 degrees this morning and partly cloudy. We sure didn`t get all the snow the weather guessers were calling for this past weekend. We picked up around 6 inches outa the foot “they” were calling for….bummer.

We ran our 2 groomers almost around the clock this past weekend. The snowmobiliers I talked to all seemed happy. I will report all of our trails at fair-good. There are some icey spots that are just fair but most of our system is good.

We will keep at it this week but the weather looks like its gonna warm up into the mid 30`s which isn`t gonna help our cause none.

About all I have to report for today. Keep checking back and I`ll keep you informed.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris























































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