Paradise Area Night Riders Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Fair
  • Last Groomed: March 16th, 2018
  • Base Snowfall: 12"
  • Reported On: March 17th, 2018 @ 9:41am

Groomer Report


March 17, 2018

25 degrees this morning and a bright blue sky. Sorry about no report yesterday but it totally slipped my mind. I got busy first thing and before I knew it it was afternoon. Here`s whats been going on the last couple days…….

Groomer Larry ran the Falls trail #45 Thursday evening and called it fair.

Groomer Scott ran the Point trails #452 and #453 yesterday and called them good.

We are runnin the Falls trail again today and we are looking for someone to do the Pine Stump trail too.

I haven`t mentioned the South trail #8 lately. The gates are still open going into the swamp south of town but we can`t get a machine through. To the best of my knowledge you can still get through with a sled but no guarantees you`ll come out dry and not a little muddy.

The weather is gonna dictate how much more grooming is gonna go on. The weather guessers are calling for sunshine and warming up for all next week so its gonna be a touch and go system from here on out. Just keep checking back and I`ll try and keep you informed for any last minute ridin.

Groomer Chris

March 15, 2018

20 degrees this morning and a light snow is floating around in the air. We picked up a real light dusting last night too. It is supposed to stay cool for the next few days and tonight they are saying gettin down to single digits.

Not alot has been going on the past few days as far as grooming is concerned. The sled traffic has almost been nothing this week so there is no need to get the machines out. The trails are still in good shape and we still have a couple feet of snow in the woods.

Groomer Larry did hit the Point trails #452 and #453 yesterday and called them good to go. We will keep grooming for as long as the weather lets us.

If you are thinking about coming UP this weekend for one last ride…..DO IT!!!!! It may be your last chance till next season!!!

Groomer Chris




































































































































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