Paradise Area Night Riders Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Last Groomed: February 23rd, 2021
  • Base Snowfall: 4"
  • Reported On: February 24th, 2021 @ 8:57am

Groomer Report

February 24, 2021

28 degrees this morning and snowing. We picked up about a half an inch last night. “They” were saying 3-5…..yea right. “They” are saying about an inch today….we`ll see, but it is snowing pretty hard right now. I have a lot to report today. I`ll start with the trail conditions cause thats what this is supposed to be, then I`ll tell you a story with a happy ending… we go…..

Dave M. ran the South trail #8 yesterday and called it fair to good. The swamp south of town is still solid but there is standing water showing up in there. It is still safe to ride but it is turning brown and it is icey. He did not break through any holes with our 5 ton groomer so your 600 pound sled is good, just be careful cause dem holes could open up at any time.

New guy Mike H. ran the Falls trail #45 and called that fair to good. It is also turning quite brown but the water holes are still frozen solid. I`m gonna quit calling him “new guy” now cause he has a few runs under his belt and he does a good job and always gives me a report after he`s done so I can let ya`ll know. Thanks Mike H.

We are runnin the Stump trail, Falls trail and the Point trails today (I think) so I`ll let ya`ll know tomorrow how those look. ….if the guys let me know that is. Thats it for the trail report so if thats all you care about stop reading but I have a good story about what went on this past weekend.

If you remember we have a groomer down. The parts were supposed to show up this past weekend but they didn`t. Da Boss (Mike C.) tracked them down and found out they were stuck in Gaylord at the Fed Ex hub and they were`nt gonna bring them till the end of the week….JERKS!!!! Mike C. jumped in his truck and drove the 5 hr. round trip down there and got the parts himself. Great job Mike C. You sure grab the bull by the horns when we need it!!!! Thanks Fed Ex. We then got ahold of the factory mechanic and told him the situation. He arranged his schedule so he could get here when the parts did. A BIG SHOUT OUT to the mechanic Dustin Goins for gettin er done!!!!! We now have all 3 machines up and runnin!!!! Now all we need is for it to snow and cool off again.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris

February 22, 2021

26 degrees this morning and cloudy. I`m sure you`ve seen all the weather reports about warming up a touch for this week. Looks like into the 30`s for highs and upper 20`s for lows but the good news is a little snow (maybe) each day.

We were super busy all weekend trying to keep up with just 2 machines. Ran them almost around the clock. Hopefully the parts for the 3rd machine will show up today. We have tracked them and know they are in MI now. The factory mechanic is supposed to be here today. Once the parts are here he figures about 4 hrs and we`ll be back in business. Here`s how the trails look…….

To make a long story short…..WE NEED MORE SNOW!!!!! All the groomer guys are saying the same. Some sections are good while some are thin with snow and not so good. Everybody is talking about the “potholes” showing up. We can`t do nothing with the frozen ground. We can fill in the potholes with snow but 10 sleds later they are blown out. If you`re out riding you need to be aware of this and slow down a touch! The EMS services up here also wanted me to warn you about staying off the river mouth. I see sleds crossing the river south of town. This is VERY dangerous, don`t do it!!!!

Well…..all I have for today. Lets hope we can get our 3rd machine up and runnin today and we can get some snow so we can keep ridin!!!

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris


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