Paradise Area Night Riders Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: See Report Below
  • Last Groomed: March 24th, 2019
  • Base Snowfall: 6"
  • Reported On: December 13th, 2019 @ 9:06am

Groomer Report

December 13, 2019

27 degrees this morning and cloudy. The last couple of days has been good…..snowy and cold, picked up close to a foot of snow.

I`ve seen a few comments on why haven`t you done this…..why haven`t you gone here. I want you all to remember, we are volunteers, we all have jobs or businesses to run also, we do this on our “spare” time!!! PLUS only having a half dozen ppl. to help. That beening said, here`s the plan………

Tomorrow we are runnin to Pine Stump on trail #8. We figure its gonna be a 12-16 hr. day what with all the trees down and such. It is a high ground trail so we don`t expect a lot of water problems. We will take 2 groomers there and with the 3rd groomer we are gonna head out on the Point trails #452 and #453. We know there are a lot of trees down on this trail also, plus a lot of water. Then next Tuesday we are planning on heading south on trail #8 and you all know about the swamp south of town!!!

Soooo….thats it. If everything runs good and we don`t have much for problems we should be close to rockin in a week or two….also depends on the weather!!!!

All fer now.      LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris

December 8, 2019

38 degrees this morning, cloudy and kinda drizzely. It does look like the weather will change tomorrow. “They” are saying highs in the low 20`s and lows in the low teens for all of next week with a couple- few inches of snow each day but then warm up a touch into the low 30`s by the weekend……we`ll see.

Now on to the first part of business. We are low on help (as usual). It seems that we could get more help from the local businesses that depend on you snowmobilers but that just doesn`t seem to happen. Maybe if they would comment on our FB page about this post we could figure out why….we are open for any suggestions.

We are having a meeting this Wednesday the 11th at 6 PM at the new barn to discuss what needs to be done and hopefully recruit some new people. PLEASE!!!!! anybody who would like to help show up and some of you that have helped in the past but we haven`t seen in a long time….show up too!!!!

Now on to what went on yesterday………

Groomers Mike, Dave M., Gerald and a part time local Ed Sabo went out in 2 machines and hit the Falls trail. I was unable to help cause I hurt my back last Thursday. They started out on the south loop trail #45 which runs from town to the old barn on the south side of M-123. They had to turn around half way thru cause the water holes were too deep, even for the groomers!!!!!! They cut back in on the trail at the old barn. Long story short, they did make it the rest of the way to the Falls but it was VERY MUDDY and there was a TON of trees down. They got the trees cleared but the gates are closed for now. We will wait for it to freeze back in this week before trying it again so don`t go around the closed gates. We will open them when it is safe…..first and last warning!! With the water this high I can only imagine what the south swamp trail looks like!!

All fer now…..keep checking back…..I`ll keep you informed (as usual).

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris
























































































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