Presque Isle Sno-Trails Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Poor
  • Last Groomed: January 01st, 1970
  • Base Snowfall: 0"
  • Reported On: January 23rd, 2021 @ 5:40pm

Groomer Report

1-23-2021 Our groomer barn in Millersburg will be open Sunday with heat on!!!! Tables set up for social distancing. Also available is masks and hand sanitizer.

1- 22-2021 Yesterday, north of Rogers City, we received approx. 2″ of snow. Not enough to do anything, but certainly is a start!  A report from a club member that rode today, snow conditions almost vary mile by mile. There is snow in the woods, but less in open areas.  There is logging S. of 68 on trail 990 by the gated area .Silver Creek/Big cut,  rails99 and 990 have been rutted by a big truck. Ruts are deep and will need a lot of snow to even trail out. Be alert to logging and changing trail conditions.

1-21-2021  Still nothing new to report. Got a LIGHT dusting on Tuesday, didn’t even cover all the bare spots.  Guess what?? It is 39 degrees north  of Rogers City right now with the sun out!! Bare spots are now bare again. Still windy, but has calmed down some. Will post again if/when we get snow!!

1-13-2021 Nothing new to report. Had freezing drizzle on Mon. night and Tues am, no new snow.  Not good at present for riding!! Stay tuned!!!!

1-6-2021  An FYI.  Snow north of Rogers City getting scarce and very wet!  I happened to fall in our yard while taking down our outside Christmas decor down.  Believe me, pants were very wet when I got up!! Need more snow!!!

1-2-2021  GROOMER BARN IN MILLERSBURG IS OPEN!! Stop in and get warm-heat is on. Some club members are there.

1-2-2021 Groomer was out last night to do trails 99 and 990 (in Big Cut), trail 99 in Silver Creek and Black mt. Remember it is still early season riding, watch out for non frozen water holes.

1-1-2021  Happy New Year!!  Not much to report.  Have snow on the ground, not grooming yet.  Colder this am, upper teens. Keep dancing!!

12-28-2020  JUST IN- Our club has decided to open our barn in Millersburg, since the restaurant across the street is not open, So if you are riding in the Millersburg area this weekend and see the groomers outside, come in and get warm!  Heat will be on.  All the club asks is a donation to cover the heat and electricity. Tables and chairs will be set up.  There is no bathroom facilities in the barn, so you will have to go to gas station or trail head to use their facilities.

12-28-2020 Guess I haven’t posted lately, but with very minimal snow on the ground, kinda forget to post.  Woke up today with maybe 2″ of that white gold, at least north of Rogers City.  Plows have been by.  Don’t know consistency of the snowy, so don’t know if it is grooming snow. Know the guys are ready to get out!!. have had some cold nights, so the water holes may have set up.  Still early season riding, be careful out there!

Remember the groomer has the right of way, riders/machines are the ones that need to pull over and give them room to pass!!

12-19-2020  Has been snowing for most of the morning north of Rogers City.  Have gotten 2-3″ of that white gold! Remember, still is early season riding!! May still be water holes as the ground isn’t all frozen yet.

12-16-2020  Groomer was out finishing Silver Creek-99 and to the mountain -994. He reported that there were water holes on Mountain trails.  Since the DNR didn’t get out pre season to grade, groomer operator did some grading also.  Still early season grooming/riding.  Be alert out there!!

12-15-2020 our groomer guys have been out today and yesterday. All trails groomed or panned, except part of silver Creek and Black Mt. Snow depths and conditions vary through out the trail system. Over all early season riding.

12-13-2020  It actually happened!.  We got snow, very wet snow. Temps in 20’s.  Saw 8 sleds go by our house on their way to the trail.  Got a report from a club member that went south on Elk Connector and saw quite a few side X sides. They are tearing up the trail and leaving deep ruts!!  Trails are certainly not ready for travel!  Only trail that are mixed trails, are some of the ones at Black Mt. Certainly, not the ones in the Elk Connector, so wheeled vehicles are not allowed!!

Because of high winds the last few days, there may be trees down. Be alert when out on the trails!!.

12-5-2020  Its getting closer, our club has been out signing and brushing. The Rogers City connector has a small reroute due to a large water hole. Watch for signs!!

Another reminder, our club now has a website- hover over our club patch and you will go to our site or type in

GROOMER HAS RIGHT OF WAY!!!! There are still sledders out there that think a groomer should get off trail so they can pass!! Just look at the size of these rigs and know they can’t and remember, they are out there so that you can have good trails to ride on! Give them a THUMBS up when you pass!!!!!

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