Rosco-Higgins Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Poor
  • Last Groomed: February 29th, 2020
  • Base Snowfall: 0"
  • Reported On: March 02nd, 2020 @ 6:27pm

Groomer Report



Sorry I didn’t post Saturday.  As fast as we got the 8-12 inches of lake effect Thursday into Saturday, it is melting away just as fast.  Trails were excellent Friday, Saturday, then started melting Sunday.  Right now grooming is suspended until and if we get more snow.  The trails are slush and I will say toast!


Lake effect all day today   I have at least 6 inches at my house and our trail is getting hammered.  Weatherman says its gonna snow till 7 pm tomorrow.  We will be grooming tomorrow and Saturday .  I will be riding tomorrow and will update tomorrow night.


site is not taking updates



Trails are being groomed per our schedule.  I rode yesterday and trails are good to excellent.  Thin on some corners, but flat and smooth.  Calling for snow tonight thru tomorrow which will be great if we get it.  As I said, grooming regular schedule, will update if conditions change.



trails groomed last night. Was told they were in beautiful shape, BUT very heavy traffic.  Hit 38 and some sun today.


Trail groomed today, first time since last Wednesday due to rain and warm weather.  I was told the trail is fair to good, a little water by Robinson lake road.  We will groom again tomorrow and Wednesday.


Trail groomed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  In great shape BUT warm weather and possibly rain coming today   Forecast warmer weather for next seven days!  Hope it cools down!

Trail stop was excellent, 200 dogs given out and counted over 600 sleds on our trail  Scheduled for this Saturday too, 10:00 am. All depends on weather!


Trails were groomed for first time this season Monday.  We groomed again today. We need more snow! There is only about a 2 inch base of snow and ice.  I have been told the trails are rideable.  Saturday is our annual trail stop at the 6-7 split. Info below, special events.  Again, we need more snow!



Calling for up to 16-18 inches! Bring it!



Nothing to report. Not enough snow to groom.  You have snow and could ride, but not great conditions



Waiting for snow.



  1. Following is our regular grooming schedule. Weather and snow conditions permitting, we will groom our trail on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.   Also, as long as we have no equipment break downs.



We have out trail stops planned for both Saturdays during Tip Up Town, 1/18/2020 and 1/25/2020 at the 6-7 split.  We will have hot dogs and hot chocolate to give away starting around 11:00am.  Our grooming equipment will  be on site for everyone to see what keeps the trails smooth. kids, both young and old,  can  get in and sit in the seat and take pictures .  So stop by and get some dogs and hot chocolate and meet some of the guys who volunteer to maintain the trails for your enjoyment.


Trail 482 (Charlie’s Country Corner to Grayling) -good

Trail 7 (Charlie’s south to Trail 6 and Trail 6/7 intersection aka “Split”) -good

Trail 6 – (‘Split’ west to Horseshoe Lake (marker 06-023) -excellent

Trail 6/7  – (‘Split’ south to South Higgins Staging Area) -good


We have 2 staging area’s on our trails.  Those are 1) “Stratford Staging” which is located at Moorestown  Rd and Oil Well Rd.  2) South Higgins Staging Area which is located just west off US27 at the South Higgins Lake exit, which is specifically located at Co. Rd. 104 and Deadstream Rd.  Both areas have DNR Outhouse facilities.

Poor Trail Complaint