Schoolcraft Snowmobile Association Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: See Report Below
  • Last Groomed: March 07th, 2020
  • Base Snowfall: 10"
  • Reported On: March 09th, 2020 @ 1:18am

Groomer Report

Trail conditions: 07 March 2020.

Depends on where you are…

Trails 41, 7 and 413 all groomed in the last 24 hours.
Yup, they got trashed: bridge approaches on 41, snirty corners on 413 and in the plantations on 7. Lots of traffic and warm temps..
If you’re expecting January conditions in March save yourself the anguish. Don’t.
We will groom them when conditions let us. Don’t expect groomers to roll in the upper 30’s. Because they won’t.
Lower 30’s/ upper 20’s let’s snow be conditioned, not just pushed around. And sunlight and warm temps degrade bases faster than a drunken throttle monkey.
( not a challenge ) So, if the temps drop, trails will be repaired asap, guaranteed
BUT, we DON’T control that…

Ride safe,
Ride Right,

Trail conditions: 02Mar2020 Depends on where you are…
41 north: exposed trail has mushy corners, bridge approaches have mogels that need freezing temps to repair and reset.
41 south: same as 41 North
410: corners are thrashed
413: Corners are getting “snirty” but covered areas are holding up at last groom.
7 North: Like 41: exposed areas are getting a bit mushy otherwise Good.
7 South: The corners are a bit rough on approaches. The water hazards may start showing soon so be mindful “between the gates” south of the 7/413 junction.
2 West: getting mushy and wet on the power line and pipeline sections.
2 East: holding up well, some corners are getting rough. BEAR CREEK SWAMP: if you review all previous warnings; they haven’t changed. The bypass road got plowed to the gravel last w/e so now that’s an issue…
421: Road sections are bare. Cooper Swamp is still intact but getting “if-y” with every warm day.
Ride safe
Ride Right


Trail Report: 18 Feb 2020:
Current snow conditions: 4-6″ of new “system” snow is making conditions great!
All trails noted were groomed within 24 hours.
41 North and South: no issues
413: heavy crossover traffic has pounded the corners, the dense forest areas where there is thinner coverage are getting “snirty”.  Will be groomed 19Feb 0-dark-thirty.
7 North and  South no issues
2 EAST and West:
EAST: from 41 in real good shape. Bear Creek Swamp CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC.. the open water and sink holes  have made it all but impassable, but this cold snap may create an opportunity to pack it in a bit. LET US DO IT!
Don’t go in there, it could still eat your sled…
ALTERNATE ROUTE::  CR436 to the North will get you access to 431 and 43 via Curtis and Germfask areas. CHECK YOUR MAPS!!!
2 West: Over to 7 South is clear and flat with minor wet areas south of 440 on the power line. Groomed 19Feb.
421: Into Gulliver is clear.
Ride Safe, Ride Right !!!


Trail update: 

What’s groomed: Trail 41 from Manistque to JackPine trailhead and North 41 to Shingleton. 

Trail 413 to Trail 7 junction

Cleared of trees and packed in: Trail 7 from the 2/7 junction on the “A” Frame Road (FFR2410) North to Trail 411

2 WEST from Manistque will be cleared and packed by noon 20Dec.(CAUTION: several water hazards going west and  south of CR442 on the powerline, passable, but BE WARNED.)

Trail 2 EAST off Haywire Grade is still CLOSED.


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