Seney Snowmobile Association Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Fair
  • Last Groomed: December 12th, 2018
  • Base Snowfall: 1"
  • Reported On: December 13th, 2018 @ 10:27am

Groomer Report

Hello Everyone,

Well, let me start this off with I’m hoping you all have you’re snowdancing boots on cuz we need all the help you can give us!

We sent out the boys yesterday, Trail 43/8 from town to where Trail 43 crosses CR 450 is pretty thin.  We cut as much as we could with the snow we had but the ground contour and the snow we had did not let us fill all the holes but it’s still in good shape. From CR 450 to the hardwoods there is more snow and we were able to cut and shape the trail, it’s a great trail in that section.  Hardwoods to the grade on Trail 43 is again hard to fix right now with the contour of the ground and the amount of snow that we have to work with but overall it’s in good shape.  We cut and pulled in snow on the corners but need more of the white stuff.  Where Trail 43 meets the grade and to Mahoney Lk. Rd. is in good shape. The two water holes are froze in. We left the stop signs in place with the warmer weather coming in. From Mahoney Lk. Rd. to the Bear Trap once again contour of the ground comes in to play. No two foot moguls we just need more snow to fill in some areas. We cut that part of the trail hard with what we had to work with. We pushed back the road crossings which will help keep the snow off the roadways. We cut down the bridges and filled in the holes that were in front of them, once again need more snow so we can pack them in better. Its basically early season riding.

Trail 431 is in pretty rough shape, leaving town up to CR 451 it’s showing a lot of dirt and then you run into the logging operation which we hope will be completed by the end of the month.  We will not be heading back out on Trail 431 until we get more snow.

I will keep you updated as much as possible on here and if you’re on Facebook follow Seney Snowmobile Association or Mater’s Stop N Go for updates as well!  Hope to see you all soon!

-Randy Dunn


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