St. Helen SnowPackers Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Last Groomed: February 22nd, 2021
  • Base Snowfall: 4"
  • Reported On: February 24th, 2021 @ 7:18am

Groomer Report


Trails are still good at the time of this report and we have a pretty decent base. Not sure how big of a hit they will take with this warm up that is expected to last through the weekend. No significant snow in the forecast for several days.

Grooming may have to be suspended.

Please be aware that a logging operation has all but destroyed the section of trail 6 that goes east of St. Helen rd. north of I-75.  They were supposed to keep to one side of the trail so we could still groom the other side. The impact would have been minimal and only affect the area right at St. Helen rd. Well, that didn’t work out. Please be careful in that area.  -Have Fun! Be Safe! Stay Right! -SEN




Things are improving. We were blessed with a few inches of snow this week and that has allowed us the esteemed privilege of upgrading our trail conditions to what I would call FAIR TO GOOD. There are still some thin areas and icy corners.




We are getting the colder temps that are in the forecast, this is good.  Very little new snow to speak of, this is not good. We have went out and groomed to smooth the trails out so they could freeze up as flat as possible. There are still a lot of very thin/snirty areas and some plain dirty corners.  There would be a lot more snow on the trails if people could avoid power sliding through them. Both wheeled and tracked vehicles are causing this. Trail 6 between Central and Trail 222 is pretty bad. The trails are rideable but not what we’d really like to see.  Have Fun! Be Safe! Stay Right!  -SEN



Still waiting for snow. There is some in the forecast. Probably won’t be enough to help much. Our section of trails is rideable. But you will find some snirty, dirty and thin areas. The colder temps that are forecasted will help, but we just need snow to get things rolling. Don’t stop Dancin’!  -SEN


Still need snow. We aren’t asking for much. 4 to 8 inches would be fantastic! Our trails are rideable. You will find some areas that are very brown. Dirty corners.



We need cold temps and snow. Plain and simple.  The snow conditions are poor at best. Lots of dirt corners and generally bad conditions. Trust us, we are as excited as anyone to get out and enjoy the trails. A little patience now, will pay off with a much nicer base and will make for a better experience moving forward through this winter.  Please respect the work that volunteers throughout the state have put into making a pleasurable riding experience. Thank you!

Have Fun! Be Safe! Stay Right!  -SEN




We had a pretty good run over the holiday weekend. Sufficient snow for the most of the weekend kept us grooming. But a very high traffic volume has taken it’s toll and made for some poor trail conditions including dirt corners and several areas of snirt from trail 69 in Roscommon to the intersection of trail 6 and Duck Lake Rd. in Houghton Lake. Fortunately, much of the trail has an ice base that will hopefully hold up for a while. A nice 4-8″  snowfall will put things back in pretty darn good condition.

We groomed last night (1/4/21) just to get things smoothed out where we could but, our grooming equipment will be parked until we get more snow.

Get your dancin’ shoes on and do your thing!

Have Fun! Be Safe! Stay Right! -SEN

Our Annual Snow Run WILL NOT be happening this year.

COVID rules and restrictions have made it virtually [pun intended] impossible to prepare/plan the event. It takes months of planning and organizing to make the Snow Run happen. Combined with the possibility of not even being able to hold the event because of the frequently changing COVID rules and restrictions.  Thank you for your support of this event. It’s been happening for well over 30 years and deciding to cancel this year was an extremely difficult decision.



We received an average of 8″ of wet snow.
This brought down hundreds of trees throughout the trail sections we groom.
We are working very hard to get the trails cleared. Currently we are not grooming until we get an entire section opened.
With that being said, you can ride but be prepared to dodge downed trees and low branches. You may even have to find an alternate route.

It’s early season riding conditions. Things are not frozen up yet and you will find areas where the trail has been damaged by throttle jockey’s on wheeled and tracked vehicles. Don’t be that guy. We are trying to get the base built and that takes some time, patience and a lot of help from Mother Nature.

Have Fun! Be Safe! Stay Right! -SEN

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