St. Helen SnowPackers Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Last Groomed: January 19th, 2020
  • Base Snowfall: 5"
  • Reported On: January 20th, 2020 @ 1:54pm

Groomer Report


1/20/20 Very Good almost Excellent!

We received a good 6 to 8″ plus out of Saturday’s snow storm. The trails are in the best condition of the season.  We have a good base but some of the corners are icy, be careful.

There are still a couple waterholes that haven’t froze up but I think they will be before next weekend.  If it wasn’t for the water holes I’d rate our trails as Good to Excellent, more toward Excellent.

The forecast calls for more snow toward the end of the week. Cold temps throughout the week will help keep thing improving.

Our 18th Annual Snow Run is coming up February 8!
Details can be found on our Facebook page >>> SNOW RUN


1/12/20 Poor but Ride-able.

Mother Nature only gave us 3 or 4” of snow Saturday night.

Our trails were groomed/panned from Houghton Lake to Roscommon today.

While there is enough snow to ride, there are still many waterholes along the way that make the ride very troublesome. A couple of them are downright terrible.

There were several sleds out there enjoying the trails and managing to find ways around the water holes. But until the water holes freeze up, conditions remain poor but rideable.

The forecast is calling for below freezing nighttime temps, cloudy days and a little snow throughout the week. Possibly several inches on Friday or Saturday. This could put us in very good shape.

Our 18th Annual Snow Run is coming up February 8!
Details can be found on our Facebook page >>> SNOW RUN

Keep your Snow Dance on!!!



1/6/2020 Poor. 

We did get 2″ or 3″ of snow Sunday afternoon. It’s not enough to groom. Water holes still need to freeze up. Wheeled traffic is not helping at all.  Keep Dancing!  -SEN

1/2/2020 Poor to Barely Rideable

We have been able to pan the trail from Houghton Lake to Roscommon. BE CAREFUL!  There are a lot of waterholes. Some of them are icy, some of them are just water. If this freezes, and the temps in the near future should promote that, we will only need a nice 4″ to 8″ snowfall to get us in pretty good shape. Keep snow dancin’!

Our 18th Annual Snow Run is coming up on February 8, 2020! Please plan to attend! More info. will be available on our Facebook page soon!

Have Fun! STAY RIGHT! Be Safe! -SEN

12/13/19    WE ARE NOT THERE YET

The trails are freezing up. Just need snow. Lot’s and lot’s of snow.




Welcome to our 2019-20 Snowmobile Season!

The Snowpacker’s  have been out working on the trails since August to get them ready for this winter.  We have also been out this week taking care of some trees and brush that came down because of the ice/heavy snow that we were blessed with last Sunday.

The base is VERY thin. Spinning tracks and tires will destroy what base there is. There are water holes here and there from Houghton Lake to Roscommon. Most of them are iced over but the ice isn’t very thick. Temps are playing in our favor, basically, and there is a little snow in the forecast. A nice 8″  to 12″ blanket would put us in very good shape.

Think Snow and start Dancin’!  Have Fun! STAY RIGHT!  Be Safe!   -SEN




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