Superior Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Fair
  • Last Groomed: March 25th, 2018
  • Base Snowfall: 12"
  • Reported On: March 28th, 2018 @ 7:29am

Groomer Report

3-26-18 Trail 3 (Bill Nichols trail) from Greenland north is groomed to Toivola, and is flat, smooth and in good condition. There are a few bare spots on south facing slopes and on curves, but all areas are passable on snow/ice.

A warm up and rain are in the forecast this week, so unless MAJOR changes occur between now and Saturday 3-31-18 @ 11:59:59 p.m., Superior Snowmobile Club is done grooming for the season.

Thank you for a great season! We’ll hopefully see you again next year!! Ride safe…… safe.

3-21-18 Trails that are the Twin Lakes side of Greenland are smooth and still in GOOD to VERY GOOD condition. FAIR appears at right as the trails near Greenland and south are, in many places, nearly bare, eroded and “skinned”, especially corners and hills. These areas are in poor to fair condition.

Temps are well below the freezing mark at night, and in the 20s for the past few days for daytime highs. No new snow as the western end of Lake Superior has been frozen for over a month, so our LES is shut off. It seems that all the recent snow storms have been aimed at the east coast.

Trails close on 3-31-18 at 11:59:59, and it looks as if we’ll be grooming right up until then if things hold as they have been.

The “Base snow fall” figure at R is what is frozen and compacted down on the trails based upon what I can see as logging operations plow through the trails to the bare ground on their way into the woods. It does appear that in many areas there are 18″ +/- of compacted trail surface. Snow depths off trails and in the woods in the higher terrain within the Lake Superior snow belt areas are still 3 -4 feet it appears.

3-16-18    5″ of new snow in Twin Lakes since 3-12-18. Greenland, MI north all the way is currently in GOOD to VERY GOOD condition. South of this area the trails have scanty snow in places, especially in the corners and on hills, and would be in POOR to FAIR condition.

3-4-18 Spring riding conditions prevail, with “off trail” riding areas still in good shape, but trails in the LOWER TERRAIN (off the “spine of the Keweenaw”) of our club’s purview are opening and deteriorating in the 40 degree sunshine. All trails are being groomed, but we’re having to incompletely groom some areas as groom-able snow is scanty in those areas. Ol’ Man Winter may reappear this week for a few days, so things may improve, but it does take a few days of grooming to recover. Ride safe!

2-26-18 With almost 2 feet of new snow since February 20th, trails are in very nice shape! Spring riding conditions will be present for a week or so now, with temps warming up into the 30s and low 40s for a few days, but below freezing at night. There are a few corners and hills that are a bit icy, but all trails are open and being groomed regularly per normal schedule.

2-23-18 A nice new snowfall of 8″ overnight will surely make for great riding this weekend and beyond. And there’s more on the way! As has been the case, all trails are open and being groomed regularly per normal schedule. Have fun and be safe!

2-20-18 All trails are open and being groomed regularly per normal schedule. A few inches of new snow can make a big difference! It freshens up the scenery, but also mixes with the snow from the trail surface and improves the riding surface.

2-12-18 Trails are open and being groomed routinely. It’s been cold enough, long enough that they can “set up” after the groomer passes, and thus are very smooth in most places. There are a few thin areas on hills and curves, but this occurs regardless of snow conditions, and is a symptom of just being used. Our LES is now shut off due to ice on the western end of Lake Superior, so we’ll mostly be dependent upon actual system snow for the rest of this season.

Please be aware that after a warm up, which we’ve all had this season, it takes about a week (give or take) to get the trails back into shape. Many riders are under the opinion that one pass of the groomer fixes the issues this warm air creates on our trails; WRONG! The moguls are there whether they’re visible or not. Typically the groomer shaves the top off of them, and deposits that snow in the next “valley” between moguls, etc., etc. But the moguls are there, and if the snow that’s just been groomed isn’t given time to set up (it takes ~2 hours in <32 degree temperatures, and NO snowmobile traffic), the whole process begins anew. We do what we can when we can do it, but Mother Nature is in the driver’s seat when it comes to the snow we have to work with.

Grooming machinery is “ridden hard and put away wet”, and requires quite a lot of maintenance. When a machine breaks down on the trail, the goal is to repair it there, but this may not always be possible. In the event we have a groomer go out of service, one of the other machines is typically used to fill this void while the breakdown is repaired. Please be patient with us as we’re doing the very best we can!

If you wish to communicate with us, please send an email to: Please enjoy our trails, and ride safe!

2-5-18 All trails are open and being groomed. There are a few “skinned” areas in corners and hills, but in general conditions are very nice. Our LES amounts will lessen now as Lake Superior ice is closing the LES producing open water that influences the western UP.

Please remember to be courteous and signal the groomer operators about how many are following in your group.  When encountering a groomer on the trail, also please try to move to the side or off the trail if the area permits. You may be able to move off the trail. A groomer cannot, and does have the right of way!

1-31-18 Cold/new snow………contributing to trail conditions that are good to very good and are improving daily. All trails are open and being groomed routinely.

1-26-18 We’re enduring another 24 hour warm up, but it seems damage will be minimal. And new snow is in the forecast. Trails are all open and being groomed to the best of our abilities with Mother Nature injecting her affects here and there. 8 SSC Groomer Operators and/or members spent 9 hours 16 miles out of Twin Lakes repairing a groomer track on Monday 1-22-18 (all volunteer time and energy). Your club working for you!

1-23-18 ~6″ of new snow is now being mixed with the sugar snow that was atop most of our trails after the warm-up last weekend, so conditions should be improving daily. All trails are open and being groomed per our regular schedule. We had a groomer break down on trail #13 Saturday night. Superior Snowmobile Club representatives spent 8+ hours on 1-22-18 repairing it, so all that found this trail to be rough, be rest assured it’s now being groomed and should be in good shape.

1-21-18 Despite warmer temps for this past weekend, most trails held up fairly well. Grooming has continued as scheduled on all trails. A few inches of new snow are forecast now, so mixing that new snow into the trail snow pack will certainly help us get back to “normal”. There are a few hills and curves in the Mass City and Greenland areas that have become “snirty”, but this should correct itself as we move forward with new snow.

1-4-18 We’ve had great snow, and all trails are open and being routinely groomed. There may be a few rough spots in low lying areas of Trail #13 near Greenland, and Trail #109. We had a very wet summer and fall, and as a result there was quite a lot of water in these low lying areas.

1-8-18 Please use caution………..logging activities are underway on Trail #109 on South Laird Road area, and on Trail #12 very near the junction of our grooming and Baraga County meet. The “rough spots” alluded to on 1-4-18 are now fine, and should pose no issues.

1-12-18 Not too much damage from our 24 hour “warm up” (mid 30s). Actually good for the snow pack. Now with 6″ of new powder we’re in great shape. Trails are all open and being groomed routinely.

Just  a reminder that Superior Snowmobile Club now has a website: WWW.SUPERIORSNOWMOBILECLUB.ORG.  We hope you’ll check it out and pass on any suggestions! You can also send us an email at SUPERIORSNOWMOBILECLUB@GMAIL.COM.

We’d sure like for you to join our club at $25. per year. You’d be surprised how that $25. helps out with our expenses for fuel, maintenance and costly repairs.  Memberships can be obtained thru our new website (print the form from the link on the Home Page), Krupp’s Resort or Krupp’s Mini-Mart in Twin Lakes, and Pat’s Yamaha/Polaris in Greenland.

Also, if you care about snowmobiling in Michigan, please consider joining Michigan Snowmobile Association.  This is the organization that speaks for our sport in Lansing and is also the organization that works for the clubs for the trails we are privileged to ride (both commercially owned and privately owned land).  Please contact them through their website:  This is the website that you are reading, as I type.


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