SW Michigan Snowstompers Sno. Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: February 20th, 2021
  • Base Snowfall: 3"
  • Reported On: February 23rd, 2021 @ 4:44pm

Groomer Report

1-2-21 Happy New Year!  We did get a little bit of snow on New Years day but not enough to open the trail. Please keep off the trail until we get at least 4″ of snow. We are very close to not having a trail in this area as it is so we do not need to upset more land owners by riding when there is not enough snow on the ground!

1-20-21 We did finally get just enough snow to open the trail ( 4″ ) The snowfall we did get was light and fluffy so it will not stay on the trail long! There is no base so the trail is going to be rough and bumpy! Please stay on the trail, it cannot be stated how important it is to stay on the trail for your safety and to keep our landowners happy. The trail is located on each parcel of land because that is where the landowner wants it! If people do not stay on the marked trail the landowner will not allow us to use their property any longer. There have been some changes to the trail this year for that reason. Please be aware and follow the signs. Ride safe and stay on the trail!

1-21-21 Trail Closed! Please keep off until we get at least 4″ of snow again.

1-26-21 The trail is still closed, we got about 1″ of snow from Monday night into Tues morning. The trail was down to dirt over the weekend and that little bit of snowfall is not enough to meet the 4″ needed to open the trail. Please keep off until we get more snow.

1-31-21 The weather forecast was finally correct! We did get enough snow to open the trail. Please stay on the marked trail, we are getting complaints from landowners about people riding off the trail. If we lose anymore landowners in this area we will need to do a lot of road riding or close the trail! Stay on the marked trail in downtown Lawton when going to get gas or food. Do not ride down the middle of the street or on the sidewalks. Ride safe and stay on the trail!

2-1-21 The trail is closed. Between the traffic, the wind blowing the fields bare and the snowplows we have too little snow to keep the trail open. Please keep off until we get at least 4″ of snow again.

2-5-21 The trail is open! Ride Safe and stay on the trail!

2-12-21 The trail is still open and the groomers have been out. We have not had much snow during the work week but because of the cold temps the snow has not melted much! Ride safe and stay on the trail!

2-23-21 The sun is out and it is 37 degrees at 8:45am. This will probably be the last day that the trail will be open until/if we get more snow. Please stay on the trail and ride safe!

2-23-21 The sun and 46 degrees has ruined the trail, it is closed now until/if we get more snow this year. Please stay off the trail!




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