UP Central Trails, Inc. Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Excellent
  • Last Groomed: March 06th, 2019
  • Base Snowfall: 24"
  • Reported On: March 06th, 2019 @ 7:26pm

Groomer Report

Snow is somewhat here…   Extremely variable conditions.  Some places have close to 2′ of base and a few miles away have only 3″.  Trails are currently groomed and in fair condition.  Conditions look to worsen this weekend with warm weather.  Basically we need more snow!

1/3/17 We need more snow!

1/30/17 Please Understand, From Monday 1/16/17 through Friday 1/27/17 the Temperatures were very warm, which are not very  conducive to Trail Grooming. When we have tried to groom in the past under warm conditions, the snow balls up in our drag then drops large snow balls on the trail surface, causing very hazardous conditions.

We did finally groom Sunday 1/29/17 after a snowfall of over 10 inches. Even though is was colder Friday 1/27/17 and  Saturday 1/28/17 we did not groom because prior to the snow our trail was completely bare of snow in several locations. That is why we waited to groom after the snow.

Trail was in tough shape over the weekend 2-4 & 2-5, We will try and get out more often during the weekends to help prevent the trail from getting so rough. Sorry Riders.

We typically groom at night, that allows time for the snow to set up before snowmobiles get on it. However by noon, 1 Pm the next day the tail is already getting rough on the weekends. So for the rest of this winter I am going to try and double groom from Friday through Sunday, that is the only chance we will have to keep a smooth trail.

Andy Smith President of UP Central Trails


Dog Sledders will be on the trail from the Carp river bridge in Marquette to San River, over the weekend. Please be safe!!


Due to warm and rainy weather we could not groom from Saturday 2/18/17 through Friday 2/24/17. The 25th was actually cold enough, however we decided to let the new 8″ of fresh snow we got Friday night  pack down prior to grooming. When we did get out Saturday Morning 2/25/17 or Groomer heater and blower motor broke and we had to stop short on or trail because we could not see. So we did groom from Harvey to the Brownstone over the weekend, but from the Brownstone East the trail did not get groomed, Sorry Snowmobilers. We did Groom again Sunday 2/26/17 with portable heaters back to Marquette to Repair or Groomer. Fortunately we were not able to repair or Groomer Monday Morning and were back out. So Monday 2/27/17 we did groom our entire trail system. And Yes the trail was awful from the Brownstone East, once again Sorry, Hopefully some day soon we can get a backup groomer, especially on the weekends when snowmobilers can enjoy our Upper Peninsula.


Went out on our trail system from Whitefish Rd heading East towards Brownstone then up the hill towards Chatham. very poor Icy conditions, several trees were down from the wind storm over the weekend. The trail is ride-able, however conditions are poor

From whitefish Rd towards Harvey is all Bad, Not enough snow, cannot groom.


Trail is in really good shape from the Brownstone to Autrain to Christmas and from Autrain to Chatham, good snow, trail is constantly getting better. There is more snow in Alger County.

Trail conditions in Marquette to Ishpeming and towards the Crossroads are not very good, Barely enough snow to groom. From Marquette to Autrain there is not quite enough snow to groom, lots of rocks.


Groomed our entire trail system from Ishpeming to the Brownstone and from Ishpeming to Arnold.

All is well we now are using three Groomers


Trails are great, I would encourage everyone to get out and ride, I rode from Marquette to Arnold last weekend and the trails were awesome. Our members Continue to cut small brush whips that have made their way onto the Trail from several ice storms we have had to deal with throughout the season, constant issue.






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