West Michigan Snowmobile Council Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: February 01st, 2019
  • Base Snowfall: 0"
  • Reported On: April 18th, 2019 @ 9:40am

Groomer Report



Welcome to the 2018/2019 snowmobile season!!!

Trails are currently closed due to lack of snow.  This includes, Wayland, Yankee Springs, Alto, Gun Lake, Martin, Hopkins, and Hilliards, and Middleville.  The Groomer will be going out 12/13/2108 to pan the trail.  Conditions are still very wet in may areas on the trail.

NOTICE: Minimum of 4 inches of snow on the trail required before open.  We are getting land owner complaints that sleds are on the trail too soon.  Please follow the 4 inch rule or we will lose the trail.  Keeping the trail is hard enough, so please don’t make this harder than it already is.  Thank you and see you on the trail 🙂

When we get snow, STAY ON THE TRAIL PLEASE!!



Well the snow if finally starting to cooperate.  West Michigan Snowmobile Council will start grooming this weekend.  Watch for the Tucker and John deere out on the trails.  We had 2 or 3 inches of wet snow that froze and last night we received 4 inches of the light fluffy stuff. So be careful and watch for rocks.


Groomers were out Sunday.  Trails are in good condition right now with great powder puffing.  The WMSC John Deere will be grooming tomorrow and throughout the week.  The WMSC Tucker groomer will be out this week as well.  Enjoy and be safe.  Continue to stay on the trail to avoid any debris or rocks that are off the trail.  Stay to the right.  More snow to come this week.  Stay tuned.  This site will be updated more as the Groomer drivers report in.  Groomer drivers stated trails are in good condition after grooming Sunday.


Groomers are working today.  John Deere is heading west from Shelbyville towards Allegan and the Tucker is working from Middleville to Green Lake.  Visibility is low so watch for the groomers and stay right.


Lots of snow and trails are covered.  Very cold.  So cold that fuel is gelling in the farmers tractors and WMSC does not want to have the Groomers go down because of it.  Thus fuel additives today.     WMSC John Deere will not groom today but will be out Friday when the temperatures rise as predicted.  Friday the groomer will go north from Shelbyville to Gun Lake and up to the Cherry Valley intersection that splits to Green Lake and Middleville.  The travel for the WMSC Tucker groomer is not known but will most likely be out Friday as well.  Will update later once they report in.  Stay warm, stay on the trail, stay right and be safe.  Enjoy, this is what we all wait for!!


Trials were groomed from Alto to Shelbyville today.  Conditions are excellent.  Enjoy!


YSSA tried to groom Thursday but there was not enough snow on the trail after the 44 degree thaw.  Trails are in poor condition and Wayland and YSSA Club grooming will not commence until new snow arrives.


Trails are closed for this year.  Thank you for a safe and responsible season.  Come back and see us for the 2019/2020 season.






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