West Michigan Snowmobile Council Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: February 18th, 2021
  • Base Snowfall: 2"
  • Reported On: February 26th, 2021 @ 3:05pm

Groomer Report

Gas available, with fast food available at the BP station Patterson and M-179, and the gas station on 142 Door exit, 64th and M50 has gas.


Trails are closed due to the warm conditions.  More snow will be needed before they open again.  It was really good for about a week.  Thank you groomer drivers!


Yankee Springs John Deere is grooming Shelbyville to Martin to Allegan and back today.  Snowing at Gun Lake.  Middleville groomer is on the way back from Alto today and will be to Hilliard’s again Friday.  Trails are grooming up great.  Best Trails we have had in a few years.  Thanks to the Groomer Drivers.

You should know that one of our groomer drivers is totally dedicated to the sport.  Mr. Terry Barton is president of two clubs, Yankee Springs and Byron Center and president of the West Michigan Snowmobile Council!!!!  Plus Terry drives the John Deere all winter long.  Terry also builds a majority of all the new trail signs you see down this way.  Give Terry the right of way and thumbs up when you pass the Big John Deere Tractor and drag.  A big thanks goes out to Mr. Jerry Plank from the Wayland Club who is spending a ton of time in the Orange Wayland Tucker Groomer.  Be safe and enjoy as the warm weather comes back next week.


Yankee Springs John Deere is grooming Shelbyville to Cherry Valley North Loop today.  Will do west loop from Shelbyville to Martin/Allegan this afternoon or Thursday morning.  Trails are in great shape.  Ride them now while conditions are good!!!!  The cold temps allow the groom to set up and stay pretty flat.  Middleville Tucker is going from Middleville to Alto Today.


Middleville Tucker is grooming from Middleville to Hilliard’s Bar and back this evening and possibly to Green Lake if things go well.  Middleville Tucker is planning to groom from Middleville to Alto tomorrow 2/17.  Tucker Groomer Operator stated the trails are great!!!  The YSSA John Deere has been out Monday/Tuesday and plans to be out Wednesday and Thursday grooming from Martin to Shelbyville, Gun Lake, Yankee Springs and intersection at Cherry Valley.  Stay on the trail, Stay right, and be safe.


Wayland groomer went from Middleville to Alto yesterday and Middleville to Hillard’s bar today.   Trails are good to fair with a few rough spots.

The YSSA Groomer went out Thursday from Shelbyville to Cherry Valley intersection with the Middleville trail.  Trails are good to fair.  Supposed to get 1 to 3 inches between Friday and Saturday.  Ride safe and stay to the right in the corners as there are way too many complaints about close calls.


Wayland Tucker Groomed Friday 2/5  from Middleville to Alto.  They then went from Middleville to Hillards on Saturday 2/6.  Wayland will be grooming during the week of 2/8 as the weather cooperates.

YSSA John Deere groomed Thursday 2/5 from Shelbyville to Allegan/Martin and then 2/6 from Shelbyville to Cherry Valley intersection Saturday.  The YSSA John Deere will be out the seek of 2/8 as weather cooperates.


The YSSA John Deere Goomer will be out today from Shelbyville headed North to Cherry Valley.  There is not much base but will try to smooth it out.  Slow down and watch for rocks.


We have had some small amount of snow but not enough to open the trails and groom.  Please wait for the required 4 inches of snow.


Welcome to the 2021 snowmobile season!!!

Trails are currently closed due to lack of snow.  This includes, Wayland, Yankee Springs, Alto, Gun Lake, Martin, Hopkins, and Hilliards, and Middleville.  The YSSA and Wayland Groomers are ready to go and signs are 95% in.

NOTICE: Minimum of 4 inches of snow on the trail required before open.  We are getting land owner complaints that sleds are on the trail too soon as well as motor bikes.  We are also experiencing stop sign theft in Martin and other areas.  If you have any information on this please let West Michigan Snowmobile Council or Yankee Springs Snowmobile Association know.  Please follow the 4 inch rule or we will lose the trail.  Keeping the trail is hard enough, so please don’t make this harder than it already is.  Thank you and see you on the trail 🙂

When we get snow, STAY ON THE TRAIL PLEASE!!









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