As an FYI, the specifications put forward from the DNR for ORV trails are as follows… 

• Motorcycle Trails are to be cleared to 24” width at ground level and 40” wide at handlebar level.
• ATV Trails are to be cleared to 50” width.
• ORV Routes are to be cleared to 72” width.

2. Grant sponsor is responsible for removing all obstructions located within the above clearing
dimensions. Clear trails/routes of all trees, brush, stumps, rocks, sod clumps, etc. No brush or debris
shall protrude into the trail dimensions, so they may not cause injury or distraction. Trees, logs,
foliage, branches, brush and other debris shall be pruned back flush with the main branch, trunk, or
cut flush with ground level. Fallen trees and logs shall be removed to maintain specified trail width.
Ground logs shall be cut ‘bucked’ at 30 degrees, or as otherwise directed by the jurisdictional
agency. All debris resulting from clearing activity shall be removed from the trail and disposed of in a
manner that will not cause harm. The trail sponsor shall brush all trail intersections to maintain clear
view of all traffic control devices and trail signage.
3. Clear all trails/routes to a minimum height of 8’ above highest tread surface.
ORV Program Signing Specifications
1. Signs for the ORV Trails/Routes will be provided to the Grant Sponsors by the Department. These
signs are to be used only on designated ORV Trails and Routes, following instructions provided in
IC3602 Michigan Motorized Trail Maintenance and Signing Handbook.
2. No private business advertising is allowed on state land.
3. No program posts shall be used for posting advertising of private business.
4. All materials needed to sign state designated ORV system will be made available to Grant Sponsors
at a number of pre-selected locations. Prior to maintenance, grant sponsors will work with their DNR
Contact to establish inventory and location of materials available.
1. Grading is not approved at this time.

Special maintenance (bridges, culverts, ditching, phases 1 engineering, construction, re-decking, etc.) is not approved.


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